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Over the weekend, our Marketing & Fundraising team won the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s national award for ‘Most Innovative Campaign’. It was in recognition of our #BREAKTHEPATTERN fundraiser last year which many of you would have participated in, kindly swapping over your screensavers to iconic Australian artworks in support of our vulnerable youth.

Through iconic Australian art pieces and the use of digital devices, the campaign helped shine a light of the darker issue of youth homelessness, as across Australia there are 44,000 young people without a stable and safe home environment. We all need to do our part and help break the pattern of youth homelessness so that number can change.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say  big congratulations to absolutely everyone who participated and proudly displayed their screensavers. We’d also like to thank our Carers, to Clincians, Psychologists, Corporate Services and Innovation team, Youth Resource Centre staff and most importantly, our kids. Our marketing efforts simply promote & put all the bells/whistles on the incredible programs and the outcomes the Lighthouse team is able to achieve for our young people together…so thank YOU.

#BREAKTHEPATTERN 2022 is currently live, and we’d love for you to get involved again. Head to and download your Ken Done, Rachel Castle & Ghost Patrol artworks today.

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