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Child Safety Statement

Lighthouse Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to being a child safe organisation.

Lighthouse Foundation Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Lighthouse Foundation ensures that systems and accountabilities at every level of our organisation create an environment that prioritises the safety and well-being of every baby, child and young person in our care.

Our systems are targeted towards the prevention of abuse. We do this through robust recruitment and rigorous supervisory processes for every staff member and volunteer that comes into contact with our babies, children and young people. All staff, volunteers and young people are educated about how to recognise and report any concerns of abuse at Lighthouse Foundation.

We are committed to a thoughtful and protective environment that supports our babies, children and young people to feel safe and respected, and to build their capacity to feel deeply cared for and important to other human beings.

Threaded through all our processes is a commitment to the cultural safety of our babies, children and young people. We are inclusive and attuned to those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, the LGBTQI community, and babies, children and young people with a disability.

We are committed to a thoughtful and protective environment.

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