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In true community spirit, Lighthouse Foundation has partnered with a three iconic Australian artists to continue a campaign that brings bright and colourful artwork to your nearest screen for a good cause.

or the second year of our #BREAKTHEPATTERN campaign, Lighthouse is honoured to collaborate with artists Ken Done, Rachel Castle, and Ghostpatrol (David Booth) to bring a little slice of their artworks into your home. For a small, but impactful donation, you can support vulnerable Australian kids by downloading their artworks ‘Boogie Woogie’, ‘Love’ or ‘How Now Feels’ as limited-edition screensavers and digital backgrounds.

These three intricate and patterned artworks, with their repeated shapes and colours, might whisk you away to a joyful, colourful place, or they might make you think about the patterns you see around you in your day-to-day life. Maybe you’re reminded of the bricks on your house, neatly stacked together so that you have somewhere safe to sleep that night. Or you could think of sitting in peak-hour, looking at the traffic in front of you, mentally taking note of the different coloured cars: red, silver, white, black, black, silver… until time slips away and before you know it, you’re back home.

As we look at three very different artworks by three very different artists, we’re reminded of the diversity of our young people here at Lighthouse, and the different patterns they’ve had to break to get where they are today. There are 44,000 homeless young Australians on any given night, and many of them have experienced generational patterns of violence, abuse and neglect – though no two stories (or patterns) are the same. For some of our young people, the pattern began years before they were even born, as generational abuse meant that their parents learned dysfunctional behaviours from their grandparents. For others, the pattern can be seen more on a day to day basis, as their caregivers explode in violent outbursts followed by profuse apologies that evening. Like clockwork, this pattern of behaviour becomes one of the only things that the young person can expect to happen consistently.

Seeking support from Lighthouse Foundation is one of the ways that a young person can do to break this relentless negative pattern. When we welcome a vulnerable child into our care, we support them with therapeutic care and a home where they can feel safe, with the ultimate goal of giving them the skills they need to thrive in the world. The journeys we share with our young people are diverse and complex, much the three artworks we have on offer today. With your help, we can #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness, while supporting these kids with the trauma that comes with sustained neglect as they reach for a brighter future.

By proudly displaying these artworks on your screen, you’re taking a stand against the systemic issues that force a child into homelessness. Join in the effort to help Lighthouse #BREAKTHEPATTERN by switching your screensaver and heading to

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