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Lighthouse Diversity Statement

Lighthouse celebrates diversity and affirms the right of access, equity, and equality for every young person, staff member, and volunteer in the Lighthouse community.

Our organisation is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We also practice from a position of cultural safety and awareness, across diverse languages, religions, and cultures.

We respect, respond, and continue to learn about the unique needs of our First Nations young people. Lighthouse recognises that all people with a disability have the right to be included in meaningful ways in our community.

Our Commitment

The Lighthouse Foundation community are committed to:

Acknowledging that we practice on Aboriginal lands and create and support opportunities for cultural consultation, inclusivity, and leadership

Promoting an environment where we celebrate and share cultural practices and diverse identities throughout our community

Engaging in practices that retain the organisational knowledge and develop the skills and experience of staff of all ages and demographics

Creating and supporting equal opportunities for leadership, professional development, flexible work, and equal participation across cultural groups, sexual orientations, and gender identities

Valuing diversity in every aspect of the work through promoting a safe and culturally curious learning environment

Creating a safe and responsive therapeutic milieu around every young person in our care through Lighthouse’s Model of Care

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