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Pop Choir Australia is a community choir organisation with hundreds of members in Victoria, who share a common love and passion for singing. Founded on the idea that singing should be joyful, uplifting and open to everyone, Pop Choir welcomes all ages and abilities.

Charity Single for Lighthouse

Pop Choir Australia have recorded their very first charity single called “Windows with Smiles” to raise awareness and funds for Lighthouse. The single was produced by renowned Melbourne music producer Simon Moro, and written by Darryl John Moulton, one of the directors of Pop Choir Australia.

With 350 members coming together to record this single, it demonstrates the power of community and music to make a difference. “Windows with Smiles” marks a milestone for Pop Choir, showcasing their talents while supporting an important cause. The title reflects the message of hope and optimism behind the initiative.

Recording the Single

A remarkable 350 members of Pop Choir Australia came together for this momentous charity project and used their voices to support the Lighthouse Foundation. The recording of the vocals for the single “Windows with Smiles” took place at the iconic Iwaki Auditorium in Melbourne, which is the home of the renowned Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Filming the Music Video

The music video for “Windows with Smiles” was filmed in iconic locations around Melbourne to showcase the city and people coming together. Several scenes were shot inside the Iwaki Auditorium, home of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, as 350 Pop Choir members sang the uplifting lyrics. Other scenes were filmed outside the Lighthouse’s Youth Resource Hub and at the LMC Recording Studio.


Raising Awareness and Funds

The entire project to produce the charity single “Windows with Smiles” was completely self-funded by the members of Pop Choir Australia. More than 350 everyday community members came together to take on this challenge, donating their time, talents, and funds to support Lighthouse Foundation’s mission to end youth homelessness.

The goal of this ambitious project is twofold: to raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness in Australia and to raise vital funds to support the life-changing work of Lighthouse. By creating an inspirational and uplifting song and filming a powerful music video, Pop Choir hopes to spread the message about Lighthouse’s cause far and wide.

While producing the single and video was a massive undertaking, Pop Choir sees this as just the beginning. The members who brought this project to life are inviting the public to join them in supporting Lighthouse’s efforts to break the cycle of youth homelessness. Pop Choir hopes the single will inspire people to take action so that one day, no young person in Australia will have to face homelessness alone.

Watch the inspiring film clip YouTube, or listen to the single on Spotify:

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