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Children’s Week (21 – 29 October) is a national celebration that recognises the talents, skills, achievements and rights of children. The theme for Children’s Week 2023 is “Children have the right to relax, play and to take part in activities they enjoy” based on Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is a great opportunity to share some of the wonderful achievements of our programs.

Our Family Support program in the south is now supporting ten children living in kinship/kith care. The team is in full swing, and so far, we have hosted fun a Go- Karting day with many laughs and healthy competition with many more planned activities to come.

In Foster Care, we regularly host Unconditional Love who bring their dogs to the Foster Care Hub Home to meet with children and young people who adore spending time with animals, especially those who don’t live with a pet. Children in our program have been supported to participate in dance classes, volleyball teams, soccer clubs, basketball, and circus just to name a few.

Our Young Parent and Baby Homes offer the opportunity for little ones to bond with their parent and create a safe place to learn, grow and develop through play. We recently welcomed new little ones to our Therapeutic Home (a Mum set up the new playroom pictured left) and are supporting some mums and their little ones to take the big next step to move into their own safe and stable accommodation after being in our Transitional Homes.

Community Connect has been able to connect young parents with access to safe accommodation, often ensuring safe relationships with the adults surrounding the children and accessing resources needed to support their little ones.

In Secure Base, one of our little ones loves riding his BMX bike, personalising his outfits and sharing his favourite food HSP with his carers.

Enjoy the week, and where possible – remember to support any opportunities for children to relax, play and take part in activities they enjoy.

Happy Children’s Week.

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