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Did you know, 44,000 children and young people won’t have a safe place to sleep tonight in Australia?

To help children and young people impacted by neglect, abuse and homelessness, in May 2023, Lighthouse is taking on the Aussie Outback along the iconic Larapinta Trail. Immersed in the rich history of Australia’s First Peoples, this adventure will see a group of inspired adventurers trek for seven days along the red rock slopes of the West MacDonnell Ranges, beside ancient winding riverbanks, across open plains, over towering mountains and into shaded gorges.

Best of all, the funds raised will help Lighthouse open a new home for young people impact by neglect, abuse and homelessness. The trek will take place on May 6th to the 11th.

Michelle Power, a Community Committee member at Lighthouse, talks about she joined this adventure of a lifetime through the great Australian Outback and how by joining, you too can help raise vital funds that will enable us to open a new therapeutic home and support more vulnerable young people.

Head to the website here to find out more and register your interest today. 

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