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Lighthouse Homes

Lighthouse Homes

Secure Base

Tailored care program for 0-17 yr olds

Lighthouse’s Secure Base tailored care program provides an intensive level of care to children and young people aged 0 to 17 with complex needs.

These children and young people come from backgrounds of significant complex trauma, and the aim of the Secure base is to develop the capacity to be in relationship with trusting adults, from which they can then continue to grow and thrive. The children and young people who come into Lighthouse’s Secure Base program require more intensive support than Foster Care or Family Support can currently offer, due to the nature of the trauma they have experienced in their short lives.

This trauma has profound negative impacts on their psychosocial, cognitive and physiological development and mental health. In a Lighthouse Secure Base home, children and young people live alongside Therapeutic Carers, receiving 24/7 dedicated care. This tailored support, provided by an experienced team, support to stabilize the young person before then supporting the child or young person to return to family or enter foster care. This helps ensure that these children and young people have a safe place to go, who would otherwise have limited out-of-home-care options. By providing intensive support through early intervention, Lighthouse helps to prevent homelessness and future trauma, later in the lives of these children and young people.

“This floor, this warm carpet, this room that has a door I can close ... is all I need,” Asan told the carers. “This is the best I have ever known. You can put another person in that bed.”


“learning to live with structure and allowing someone else to care for me was hard”, but for the first time, in a long time, she was safe.

Bianca and baby Kaylan's story

Lighthouse has given Dylan a ‘safe place’ – somewhere to call home. He has developed strong bonds with members of our Care team and prefers to hang out with his Carers and other Lighthouse community members rather than being involved with negative influences.

Dylan's Story
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