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Lighthouse Foundation’s CEO, Dr Eamonn McCarthy, sat down with Future Generation for a Q&A recently where he discussed the evolving nature of youth homelessness, the history of Lighthouse Foundation and the importance of community-wide collaboration in addressing the issue.

“I’d define homelessness as lacking the requirements, autonomy and space needed to live a full and complete life. For example, a child who’s sleeping on a friend’s couch, who’s not really entitled to bring friends over to hang out in the family room, would fit that definition.”

-Dr Eamonn McCarthy, CEO, Lighthouse Foundation

Click here to read the full Q&A article on their website.

Future Generation (FGX) is a key ongoing supporter of Lighthouse and significant social impact investor. They give investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to a group of prominent Australian fund managers in a single investment vehicle while supporting organisations like Lighthouse Foundation. FGX originally funded the care costs for five Lighthouse transitional homes and have allowed us to grow to meet the changing needs of vulnerable young people in Victoria.

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