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Our Volunteers & Committees

Lighthouse Foundation has been supported by a dedicated community of volunteers since we first began in 1991.


Lighthouse Foundation has been supported by a dedicated community of volunteers since we first began in 1991. Our volunteers are an essential element of Lighthouse’s establishment, growth and Model of Care. Lighthouse currently manages approximately 250 volunteers per year and works with several corporations who offer volunteer staff to help our foundation. Each of these volunteers supports our programs and young people in a variety of ways – helping to upkeep our residential homes, fundraising and assisting at events, completing various tasks at our Youth Resource Centre.

Community Committees

Each Lighthouse home is supported by its own community committee- groups of dedicated, long-standing and volunteers. They are invaluable members of the Lighthouse family for the support and commitment they offer our young people. Over the past twelve months, these inspiring individuals have gone above and beyond to help fundraise for Lighthouse and stay connected to the young people in our homes- organising thriving fitness challenges, zoom catchups, online initiatives and thoughtful fitness, craft and welcome pack donations. We’re truly overwhelmed by their enduring commitment and generosity.

“I cannot describe the extent of my personal satisfaction of being able to contribute to the work Lighthouse is doing with these young people. Lighthouse is giving these young people a chance to change their lives, to be away from abuse and to have an opportunity to be a kid. Volunteering for this cause reinforces your appreciation for the chances and opportunities we were given in life and reminds us that not everyone is as lucky. I am just doing my bit to help these young kids get an opportunity to have a good life.” - Ralph Todisco, Founding member of the Springvale Lighthouse Community Committee and major supporter since 1998.”

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