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We’re creating pathways to end youth homelessness, together.

Thank you, Money & You community for connecting with us to make a difference to vulnerable kids.

Ways you can support Lighthouse

1. Become a Lighthouse Keeper

By becoming a regular giver, you’ll join our incredible group of ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ supporters. Your ongoing donations ensure that our life-changing programs can continue and that we can keep our homes open, all year round.

2. Volunteering & partnerships opportunities

Volunteers and partners play a vital role in enabling Lighthouse to provide essential care and programs for children and young people affected by abuse, trauma, and neglect. By engaging our community and employees we enable people to feel more connected to society and be part of a community that contributes to a local cause.

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Connect with Lighthouse

With your help, we can end youth homelessness, together 

Together we can make a difference, reach out to our team today.

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“This floor, this warm carpet, this room that has a door I can close ... is all I need,” Asan told the carers. “This is the best I have ever known. You can put another person in that bed.”


"Learning to live with structure and allowing someone else to care for me was hard”, but for the first time, in a long time, she was safe.

Bianca and baby Kaylan's story

Lighthouse has given Dylan a ‘safe place’ – somewhere to call home. He has developed strong bonds with members of our Care team and prefers to hang out with his Carers and other Lighthouse community members rather than being involved with negative influences.

Dylan's Story
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