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Vicarious trauma results from empathic engagement with traumatised individuals and their disclosures of traumatic experiences and can severely disrupt a professional’s perceived meaning and hope. Your own past experiences of trauma, how you coped with those situations and current life stressors and circumstances will all affect how you cope with the impacts and can contribute to vicarious trauma.

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    1 day, Mon 9:30 AM - Mon 4:00 PM
    • $290.00 excl. GST
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    In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the causes and symptoms of vicarious trauma, as well as current best practice in care and preventative approaches which will assist them in constructively managing their empathic connections.

    Training outline:

      • Vicarious trauma and related concepts
      • Factors contributing to vicarious trauma
      • Reactions to vicarious trauma
      • Preventative strategies/coping with vicarious trauma
      • Self-care
      • Vicarious growth

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