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Those exposed to childhood abuse, neglect and/or trauma are at risk of developing significant emotional, relational and developmental difficulties. Such trauma disrupts everyday functioning and can be expressed in ‘acting out’ behaviours, poor emotion regulation and mental health issues. Underlying these behaviours are meaningful communications of a person’s trauma and their internal processing.

  • 25
    1 day, Mon 9:30 AM - Mon 4:00 PM
    • $290.00 excl. GST
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    In this session, participants will gain an understanding of childhood trauma and its impact on the healthy development of survivors of complex trauma. Participants will also learn to unpack the meaning behind the behaviours they encounter and learn strategies to respond therapeutically and promote recovery.

    This training will discuss:

      • Expressions of trauma
      • Trauma Neurobiology
      • Attachment and trauma
      • Trauma-Informed Practice & the Recovery Process
      • Working with expressions of trauma
      • Therapeutic Relationships
      • Language and Communication


    Please note: A prerequisite for this course is to have completed the Promoting Recovery Understanding Complex Trauma & Trauma-Informed Practice session. 

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